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When your career and reputation are at risk, you need legal representation that understands the nuances of agency law and professional licensure. Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson law firm is dedicated to helping you continue your practice and provide care to your patients.

You have studied and worked hard for years to acquire your professional license and earn the trust of your clients. Don’t put your career in jeopardy because of a disciplinary hearing or medical peer review. At Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson, you can get the timely help you need from an experienced lawyer who understands the professional licensing niche.

If your career is on the line, consult an Iowa attorney experienced in professional licensing. Contact Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson for a free initial consultation.

  1. Iowa Medical Board License Defense or Investigation

    Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson is one of Iowa’s most recognized law firms for professional license defense. From doctors and nurses to... Read More

  2. Peer Review

    If you work in health care industry and face a review committee of your peers, you have the right to professional legal representation.... Read More

  3. Pharmacy Board Investigations & Issues

    Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson represent Pharmaceutical Professionals on a wide variety of cases.  Depending on the severity of the... Read More

  4. Nursing Board Investigations and Disciplinary Cases

    As a practicing nurse, your license is critical to your career.  Receiving an investigation letter from the Iowa Board of Nursing can be... Read More

  5. NPDB, HIPAA, DEA & Anti-trust Cases

    Sellers Galenbeck & Nelson has extensive experience defending issues and complications that can arrise with agencies like NPDB and... Read More

  6. Unfair Competition

    Unfair Competition

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  7. Health Law

    Having trouble filling out a hospital credentialing form? Don't know whether or not to report an expunged criminal record on your state... Read More