Iowa Medical Board License Defense or Investigation

Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson is one of Iowa’s most recognized law firms for professional license defense. From doctors and nurses to dentists and chiropractors, we have helped numerous hard-working professionals retain their license and keep their livelihood secure.

An investigation by a professional board or regulatory agency can result in the suspension or revocation of your license or registration. What may seem like a minor incident to you may ultimately have devestating effects on your career. 

License defense investigations and hearings are administrative legal proceedings and have their own unique set of rules and procedures. Your attorney needs to possess industry-specific experience in defending your professional license or registration. At Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson, we have a legal team extremely well versed in professional license defense.

Hire Lawyers Who Specialize in Medical License Defense

Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson serves clients throughout the state of Iowa from offices in Des Moines. Our attorneys offer more than 100 years of combined legal experience.

If you hear from a professional licensing board or are concerned about an incident that may threaten your license, contact the lawyers of Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson today.