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Mandatory Rule Changes for Doctors on Opioids

The Iowa Board of Medicine has adopted and amended its rules and regulations for opioid pain management are effective on November 27, 2019. The rules as amended can be reviewed at here.

VA Doctors - Your Rights in Discipline

The national Veterans Administration (V.A.) hospital system has been under administrative scrutiny for many years. There have been accusations that the V.A. system serves as a safe house for dangerous doctors with dubious credentials that get transferred from hospital to hospital without discipline. It has been further alleged that the V.A. hides reportable mishaps from state licensing boards and national registries such as the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

The Complaint: Catalyst of Discipline

The complaint is the seed from which discipline is born.

Like a seed, a licensee may not even know a complaint has been made until it sprouts out of the soil and threatens to keep growing until your career has been strangled in its brambles.

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