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Are You In Need Of Medical Board License Defense In Iowa?

If you are facing the suspension or revocation of your medical license, your professional integrity hangs in the balance. The specific challenges you face as you prepare to fight disciplinary actions will vary from one medical licensing board to another. This is a time when you need professional legal counsel customized to your specific circumstances, including:

  • Where in Iowa you practice
  • What happened to put your license at risk
  • How long you have been practicing medicine
  • Whether you have had previous disciplinary actions

Whatever the situation, one principle applies in nearly all cases: the crucial need to act promptly. Time is of the essence. The sooner you take action to put a stop to your challenges, the more opportunities you will have to protect your practice and your career.

At Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson, we believe in hitting the ground running when conducting our own investigation into a client’s situation. We are equipped to pull out all the stops in defense of your professional license. The more information you can bring with you to the initial consultation, the better. On the other hand, do not let a missing document or unclear piece of information stand in your way when the time is now to protect your career as a medical doctor.

Whatever you do, we urge you not to attempt to negotiate with an investigator yourself. Avoid the notion that your medical license board is there to help you. Realize that a disciplinary procedure is adversarial. A negative decision from a medical board can shipwreck your career. A medical license suspension is more than an inconvenience: It can and will follow you for the rest of your career. Learn how to fight for your future when you are the subject of a medical board investigation. Contact a lawyer before making decisions — or mistakes — in communications with investigators. A knowledgeable attorney’s advocacy is invaluable at this pivotal time.

Is It Too Soon To Talk To A Lawyer About Professional License Defense? No. Explore Your Options Now.

In an initial consultation, we can get a feel for how aggressively you wish to protect your medical license in the face of challenges. Are you prepared to go before a licensing board to defend yourself or are you content to take a penalty with the idea of moving forward with less confrontation and disruption? Discuss your choices and get answers to your questions in a free initial consultation. Call Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson at 866-253-1472 to schedule your meeting with a Des Moines attorney about your medical board license defense issues.