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Peer Review

Have you received notice that your group or a hospital is going to review your practice? Don’t risk going it alone — a medical peer review can damage your reputation and even end your career. Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson can apply over a century’s worth of combined legal knowledge to help you protect your license.

If you work in health care and face a review committee, you have the right to professional legal representation. After all, a peer review can greatly impact your future.

Peer reviews are legal processes with potentially serious consequences. Disciplinary actions may be recorded in the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) and other registries, which affect your standing as a health care professional nationwide. Many peer review actions also end up in the hands of state licensing boards and can result in the loss of your license.

The attorneys at Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson have built a strong reputation for defending medical practitioners in peer review disputes.

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If you are facing a medical peer review, schedule an appointment with Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson. We are located in Des Moines and serve clients throughout Iowa.