About Us

The attorneys at Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson concentrate on professional license defense and legal counsel. Whether it’s peer review or credentialing consultation, we help our clients continue to do what they do best.

The lawyers of Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson have over 100 years of combined experience practicing law and we help clients in a variety of professions. We understand that the right representation can be the difference between losing your livelihood and a long, successful career.

Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson (formerly Sellers & Haraldson) was established by Michael Sellers, who has litigated more than 35 Iowa Supreme Court cases and has been responsible for setting several legal precedents in the state of Iowa. Attorney Sellers and his team at Sellers, Galenbeck and Nelson are dedicated to getting you the best result possible. 

Where We Can Help

We can advise you if you face:

  • Formal investigation — As soon as you learn of a professional investigation, contact us. We can minimize risk, gather evidence, and craft the strongest arguments that tell your side of the story.
  • Disciplinary process or professional license review — Whether you face a peer review, board hearing, or disciplinary committee, you are facing a legal proceeding. We understand how to represent you effectively and we also understand the broader picture when it comes to regulatory, state and federal law.
  • Complaint settlement offers — It is tempting to take an offer that avoids potentially serious penalties, but admitting fault without taking into account the legal consequences may ruin your career.
  • Crendentialing consultation —  The best medicine is prevention. We can help you stop problems before they start. Don't know how to answer a question on a privileging or licensure application? Does a certain regulation just not make sense? Avoid unnecessary penalties. At Sellers, Galenbeck and Nelson, we are eager to assist you with all of your credentialing needs.