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Are You a Target for Peer Review?

| Mar 30, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Peer review can be caused for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, personal bias rather than concern for patients can motivate peer review. The unspoken reason may be internal rivalry, professional jealousy or financial competitiveness.

Below are some examples of reasons you might be targeted for peer review:

  • You were a whistle-blower. — You acted to inform the hospital administration or other entity of unethical practices or negligent behavior.
  • You were too successful. — Your practice competes too effectively with your institution or your peers.
  • You rocked the boat. — Your personal beliefs or clashes with other personalities resulted in the label of “disruptive physician.”
  • You are a good physician but made a mistake. — Accidents do happen, however, there may still be a chance to save your license.

Whatever the nature of the complaint against you, you should retain legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity. Once an investigator or a reviewer of complaints makes recommendations, the law makes it difficult — although not impossible — to contest them. It is less expensive and more effective to talk to an attorney as soon as you are aware there is an investigation.

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